miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Fog in Buenos Aires....

All day I thought of you. In the office, in the middle of the meeting, in the subway,waiting for the train. Each person going through a distinctively yours reminded me of your smile.
I miss our confessions, our talks, our anger, our tears. Still I find it hard to accept that for a while we will not see ....
Always, like my affections, told me that my music was a shit and that was depressing. I used to laugh to not say "and you listen to pelotudo Arjona ..."
I remember a day like today, cloudy and foggy, we walked to my house and said "very English this day. i want to drink mates and listening to music." We did that, but I chose the music.
Amsterdam of Coldplay rang all afternoon and at first hated, but then said "mmm is good.."
They'll be five months and I remember you every day. I hope to see you soon, Brendita.
Each time it rings this letter and the day is very "English" is impossible not to remember you ....

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